Sideshow Iron Man MARK 42 Life-Size Figure Pre-Orders

Sideshow Collectibles introduces the Iron Man MARK 42 Life-Size Figure from Beast Kingdom. Marvel Studios’ blockbuster release Iron Man 3, is coming to theaters in just a few weeks, and you can add the newest Iron Man armor to your collection.

The Life-Size Figure is 7 feet tall, and it’s been painted with high-gloss automotive paint for a stunning finish and LED lights inside the eyes, arc reactor, palm and display base.

Perfect to show off at your local mortar store, restaurant, comics shop, events center, office lobby, or other type of business.  This figure will be loved by your visitors who will no doubt wish to take a photo of themselves posing next to it. Or simply to keep at home to wow your visitors.

The Iron Man MARK 42 Life-Size Figure costs US $8499.99 — and pre-orders are now available with optional payment plans. It is estimated to ship in the second quarter of 2013.

Product Size: 85.00″ H (2159mm) x 27.00″ W (685.8mm)*

Product Weight: 105.00 lbs (47.63 kg)*

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