Impact Syl Arena Strobos On-Camera Flash Light-Modifier Kit

impact-syl-arena-strobos-on-camera-flash-light-modifier-kit-908213The Impact Syl Arena Strobros On-Camera Flash Light-Modifier Kit combines a number of on-camera flash accessories to give you a comprehensive set of light modifying tools for your speedlight. Included in the kit is a 6.0″ Beauty Dish to spread and soften the flash’s light, a diffusion/grid set to further control the light’s spread and color, a snoot to direct a narrow light beam and a globe diffuser to spread and diffuse light. Also included is a set of color correction filters and a cinch strap to securely attach accessories to your flash’s head. This set of items provides a full range of light control and coloring options to better explore the creative potential of on-camera flash.

Kit items

All the following items are included in the Impact Syl Arena Strobos On-Camera Flash Light-Modifier Kit.

Strobros Beauty Dish Version II for On-Camera Flash

impact-syl-arena-strobos-on-camera-flash-light-modifier-kit-1This Strobros Beauty Dish Version II for On-Camera Flash from Impact is part of their Strobros line of accessories for on-camera speedlights. Using a combination of touch-fasteners and variously sized spacers you can attach it to the head of most on-camera speedlights. The 6.0″ beauty dish spreads the flash output to produce softer shadows and a more uniform spread of light, while the different colored reflectors can be swapped out to change the color temperature of the light produced.

This light is much more flattering than the harsh light produced by a bare flash, which is why it’s referred to as a beauty dish. The package includes the 6.0″ beauty dish, four spacers in two different sizes, an instruction guide, and three colored reflector discs for the interior reflector (silver, soft silver and soft gold). An accessory set of honeycomb grids, color filters and a neutral filter is available, and sold separately.

Spreads the flash output into softer, more uniform wash of light

  • Softens the harsh shadows from direct flash without interfering with TTL exposure sensors
  • Attaches easily to most flashes via touch-fastener; no additional mounting equipment required
  • Beauty Dish Reflector
  • Interior Reflector Discs (Silver, Soft Silver & Soft Gold)
  • Attachment Spacers
  • Instruction Guide
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

Strobros Snoot for On-Camera Flash (Version II)

impact-syl-arena-strobos-on-camera-flash-light-modifier-kit-874960This Strobros Snoot for On-Camera Flash (Version II) from Impact is part of the Strobros line of universal on-camera flash accessories. Using a snoot on your flash will allow you to narrow and focus the spread of light from the flash unit. Also included are 10° and 20° grids, which allow you to narrow the spread even more. Using a snoot is especially ideal for portrait and product photography.

The Strobros line of light modifiers use a combination of touch-fasteners and variously sized spacers, which allow you to attach them to the head of most on-camera flash units.

  • Easily mounts to virtually any on-camera flash
  • Use it to produce a narrow, defined circle of light from your flash, and attach the 10 or 20° grids to enhance this effect even further
  • 10 Degree Grid
  • 20 Degree Grid
  • Attachment Spacers
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

Strobros Diffusion/Grid Set for On-Camera Flash Beauty Dish

impact-syl-arena-strobos-on-camera-flash-light-modifier-kit-632516The Impact Diffusion/Grid Set for On-Camera Flash Beauty Dish is an accessory set of grids and filters used to modify the light of the Impact Strobros Beauty Dish. Using the honeycomb grids, you can confine the spread of the light from the Beauty Dish. A neutral filter allows you to control the amount of light, and the three color filters give you the tools to use color more expressively with your on-camera flash and the Beauty Dish.

  • Honeycomb grids help reduce glare, and help reduce light spill
  • Red, blue and yellow filters allow for expressive use of color
  • Neutral filter reduces the amount of light from the Beauty Dish
  • Honeycomb Grid
  • Color Filter
  • Neutral Filter

Strobros Globe Diffuser For On Camera Flash

impact-syl-arena-strobos-on-camera-flash-light-modifier-kit-874961The Strobros Globe Diffuser For On Camera Flash from Impact is a full-dome, globe-shaped flash diffuser that securely slips over the front of the flash head. The 4 included attachment spacers will fit most on-camera speedlight flashes. The globe design allows for a larger diffusion surface and spreads the light evenly and over a larger area, producing the effect of a much larger and softer light source. The diffuser supports TTL flash exposure.

  • This diffuser softens the light of your on-camera flash to minimize reflections and hard shadows, while providing the wider flash coverage that is ideal when using wide-angle lenses
  • Its universal design and 4 attachment spacers will fit most on-camera speedlights
  • Attachment Spacers for Speedlights
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

Honl Photo – Color Correction Filter Kit for Honl Photo Speed System

impact-syl-arena-strobos-on-camera-flash-light-modifier-kit-614826The Honl Photo Color Correction Filter Kit is a great accessory for your Honl Photo Speed System light modifiers. It allows you to match your flash’s light output to the color balance of background lights, so that the room lights visible in your shots will look just as white and clean as the main illumination being provided by your strobe.

The kit consists of a pair of 1/2 CTB filters (to adjust a tungsten light to appear as normal daylight), two each of full/half/quarter CTO filters (which lower the Kelvin color value of your flash to match tungsten lights), and two full CTO + green filters (which match your strobes’ output to the color balance of typical fluorescent lighting).

Instead of having perfectly-exposed subjects cast in front of dark rooms, or perfectly-exposed subjects with unnatural orange or green color casts upon the visible background lights, you’ll now have the capacity for bright backgrounds with perfect color along with the easily-achieved perfectly-exposed subjects.

The aid of a color meter can help you choose which filter to use, but they’re very costly and fragile. The easiest way to achieve proper balance is to have a professional white balance aid (such as ExpoDisc), and first take a color balance reading immediately adjacent to the background light. After setting your camera with that color balance, experiment with the gel filters a few times, examining the skin tones of your subjects on your camera’s screen. When you find which gel renders your subjects most naturally, you then take a color balance reading with the gel in place upon your strobe, using the gel + strobe as the lighting source for your balance reading. Set your camera to this balance of color, and you’re left with perfect skin tones and background lights which should appear quite natural.

  • Durable polyester gel filters manufactured from Lee, a leading manufacturer from England
  • Gels can be easily used in conjunction with Honl Photo snoots, gobos, and grids
  • Pre-cut and fitted with a thin strip of “hook-and-loop” tape to attach to Honl Photo Speed Straps
  • Kit includes 3 CTO filters (used to adjust flash output to match background tungsten lights), 1 ‘Full CTO + Green’ filter (used to adjust flash output to match background fluorescent lighting), and 1 1/2 CTB filter (used to adjust a tungsten lighting source to match normal daylight color balance)
  • 1/2 CTB Gel Filter
  • Full CTO Gel Filter
  • 1/2 CTO Gel Filter
  • 1/4 CTO Gel Filter
  • Full+Green Gel Filter
  • 1-Year Warranty

Vello – Cinch Strap for Portable Flashes

impact-syl-arena-strobos-on-camera-flash-light-modifier-kit-752410Vello’s Cinch Strap for Portable Flashes makes it easy to quickly attach accessories to your portable flash. It simply wraps around the head of your portable flash, eliminating the need for messy self-adhesive loops. Compatible with most on-camera shoe mounted flashes. It easily allows attachment of such Vello products as:

  • FD-200 Light Bouncer
  • FD-210 / Light Bouncer Plus
  • FD-300 Universal Softbox Small
  • FD-310 Universal Softbox Medium
  • FD-320 Universal Softbox Large
  • FD-400 5″ Snoot/Reflector
  • FD-410 8″ Snoot/Reflector
  • FD-500 Fabric Softbox
  • FD-600 Honeycomb Grip 1/8″
  • FD-610 Honeycomb Grip 1/4″
  • FD-700 Light Shapers
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
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